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Do not be perplexed on receiving the product though. You are welcome to consume it as you deem fit. You can always dissolve it in a glass of water and drink it up. You might also get a kick by steeping it in warm water and consuming it as a form of Moringa tea. Adding it to a tall glass of orange juice at the breakfast table will help you to go through the entire day without any hint of weakness. Blend it with your favorite fruit to turn it into a delicious smoothie. You might even sprinkle it over the salad in order to up the ante when it is time to receive your daily dose of nutrients.

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I have used muringa powder inconsistently over the years but every time I come to it; the effects are amazing. The first time I ever took it, it boosted my energy like a miracle.It gives me a lot of energy. I started using it again a couple of days ago as I have been suffering from a cough for the past 2 weeks. Prescribed antibiotics seemed to deal with it but a week later I started coughing again. I hope to use my muringa consistently for a while this time. So far, I can feel amazing effects on my throat! I will write more on how it may or may not have helped with my cough in a few days when I have used it for longer. Hopefully I will have some good news especially considering the ongoing world health crisis at this time.

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Excellent product and quality! Competitive price and it’s organic! Muringa has helped me so much since I have been putting it in my “raw” mocha latte. I feel stronger, and I feel better than I have in years!

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By Muringas

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Muringa Salad Dressing

By Muringas

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Minty Lemoringa Vita-Boost Iced Tea

By Muringas

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Muringa Muffins

By Muringas

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Sweet Potato Muringa Brownies

By Muringas

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Vegan Muringa Cheesecake

By Muringas

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